Tents | Tent Accessories

The basis for so many backyard events.  Keep your guests protected from sun and rain with one of our frame tents and make sure your event goes off without a hitch!


Marquee Tents 9x10 +
12x12 Frame Tent
14x14 Frame Tent
16x16 Frame Tent
16x24 Frame Tent
20x20 Frame Tent
20x30 Frame Tent
30x30 Frame Tent

Tent Combinations

Frame tents have the benefit of being able to be combined in order to create the perfect size tent for your area and event.  Not sure what size will work? No problem, call us for a fee no obligation consultation. 

20x40 Frame Tent
(2 20x20 Tents)
20x60 Frame Tent
(3 20x20 Tents)
30x60 Frame Tent
(2 30x30 Tents)
30x90 Frame Tent
(3 30x30 Tents)

Tent Lighting

Extend your event well into the evening hours by adding some lighting.  We offer a variety of options to choose from ensuring there is an option for every style or event

Globe String Lights
(6 Globes)
Bistro Lights
(48 Linear Feet)
Globe Chandelier
(4 Globes)
Crystal Chandelier

Tent Heaters

Does your outdoor fun need to end just because winter is coming? No Way! We have a selection of heaters designed to keep your Tent nice and warm so those parties can continue right through the colder weather seasons!

Not sure what size to get? Check out our heater chart here.

30K BTU Tent Heater
40K BTU Tent Heater
80K BTU Tent Heater
170K BTU Tent Heater

Tent Fans

Keeping your guests comfortable is a breeze with one of our tent fans!

Tent Pole Fan
30" Pedestal Fan