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Please make sure to include the date and location of your event in the message section when requesting your quote!
Frame tents are ideal for parties and events and are designed without center poles allowing for open seating, dancing and most importantly lots of merry making!
General Information

Our Marquee style frame tents come in 9x10 sections and can be combined to make amazing entranceways! These tents fit into smaller areas and work wonderfully to provide shade and rain protection. 

Not sure how long a space you need, no problem! Simply request a quote and one of our trained consultants will give you a call to put together your ideal combination.

Please take note that unlike many of our frame tents, when combining 9x10 Marquee tents to create larger spaces there will NOT be center poles where the tents meet.  Do not hesitate to reach out for free consultations, measurements, or with any additional questions.

Additional Info:


  • Tent prices include basic set-up with stakes on grass.
    • Note: Stylized Events @ Richards Party Rentals is not responsible for buried obstacles including sprinklers and utility lines.  Consideration should given to the placement of tents and where stakes will be driven into the ground.   When utility lines may be in question make sure you call 811!
  • All tent reservations require a non-refundable deposit.
  • Additional fees will be charged for tents on decks or any surface requiring weights, difficult setups or long walks.
  • Tent sides (sidewalls) are are available upon request at no additional charge, however a fee of $1.50/linear foot will be charged for Sidewall Installation.


And don't forget lighting! If you're having an evening party we have string lights to keep the party going  into the evening!


Though designed to use as a cover for an entranceway or walkway, there is nothing that says you cannot also get some additional seating from these.

Below are just a couple of thoughts for using these for seating.

FLOOR PLANS | 9x10 Marquee Seating


9x20 with 60" Rounds
9x20 with Farmhouse Style Seating

This layout shows:

  • 1 9x10 Tent
  • 1 6' Banquet Tables
  • Seating for 8

Please note: An 8' Table will fit under the tent, however the end seat will hand out beyond the tent when a person is seated at the end.


This layout features:

  • 1 9x20 Tent
  • 2 60" round tables
  • Seating for 16

Please note: Each 60" round can fit 10 standard folding chairs.  This will put guest shoulder to shoulder.

Additionally, 72" Round Table will fit under the tents, however those guests seating on the edge will find themselves partially uncovered.



This layout features:

  • 1 9x20 Tent
  • 2 8' Banquet Tables
  • Seating for 18

Please note: for each 9x10 section you add to your marquee, you will be able to fit one additional 8' table with 8 additional folding chairs.



Rental Information

All tent pricing includes Basic Setup (Standard Staked set up in Easily Accessible Grassy Areas) 

Additional Fees may apply for:

  • Weights/Eyebolts
  • Hard Surfaces & Decks
  • Difficult to access areas
  • Raised or multiple levels
  • Winter Setups (Mid-November to Mid-March)
  • Sidewall Installation ($1.50/linear foot)

We do charge for delivery. This fee is for deliveries made by our trained, professional, and courteous personnel on our trucks and will vary by order as factors such as distance, time of year, and size of order may affect it. 

Inventory is limited on Tents, and as such ample notice should be given in order to ensure availability for your event.

All Tents require a non-refundable deposit to reserve.  This is a deposit and will be applied to your order balance. However, should you opt to cancel your reservation, this deposit will not be refunded. The non-refundable deposit on each 9x10 Marque section is $50.00.

Do not hesitate to reach out or request a quote to get more information.

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