Rustic Vintage Wood Doors

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True rustic elegance, these farmhouse doors are absolutely beautiful right down to each last paint chip.  They make a terrific accent to outdoor settings.  Use as a backdrop, a photo op, or create a fabulous entrance-way to greet your guests.

Ceremony or reception; these work wonders in creating an atmosphere at your event that truly reflects the styles that you wish to convey.

Approximate Dimensions

30" x 80"

Please Note: These are solid wood vintage doors and are heavy, careful considerations should be given to the location where you want to place it to ensure they are secured properly.  They come with short braces on either side that will allow them to stand freely on flat, level ground without wind.  Should these conditions not be available, every precaution should be taken to ensure they are secured in a manner that will prevent tipping.  


Please Note:  Though pick-up is available on this Item, it is not recommended.  Should you opt to pick up, please ensure a properly sized vehicle and that you are prepared to secure the items both during transport and while in use.  Delivery is recommended and includes set up on level ground.  Delivery fees will vary based on distance, location, and other items being delivered.  Please, contact us with any questions.

Additional Information

Due to the unique nature and extreme popularity of this item, a non-refundable 25% deposit will be required to reserve this piece.  Additionally, it is highly recommended you reserve this item as early as possible, as dates book quickly.