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Fundraising? Carnival party? Movie Night? Circus theme? Whatever your next party may be, it wont be complete without one of our table top popcorn machines!

General Information

Our table top popcorn machines are the perfect compliment your next event.  

We have a variety of machines that may vary slightly in appearance and or dimension, however all the machines function similiarly and produce the same amount of popcorn.

Averag Approximate Dimensions:

19''w x 17.5''d x 31''h

You will need to purchase additional supplies such as popcorn in order to complete your event.

Additional Info:

  • Supplies are additional. Please see supplies tab for common items and prices.
  • The machines should be returned emptied and free of any unused or excess popcorn. Do NOT attempt to clean machines, simply empty any remnants from the bottom of the basin.  Do NOT attempt to rinse out the kettle, electrical elements are present and damage can occur should water get into the machine.  We will proffesionally clean these items upon their return.
  • Each machine is delivered to you with a removable tray, which must be returned along with the machine.  


This item is eligible for both delivery or pickup.  Please request a quote or call the reservations desk @ 844-789-5493 for more information or to check availability for your date.  When opting top pick up, please ensure you bring an appropriately sized vehicle and enough help to lift the machine, as they can be heavy.





Proper Operation:

Machine must be placed on a sturdy level surface.

Plug in unit.  NOTE: This unit requires a dedicated GROUNDED outlet as it draws a significant amount of power.

Switch kettle heat and motor to on positions.

PREHEAT KETTLE— Approximately 5-7 minutes.

Prepare your pop-corn! We recommend using our Mega POP 8oz Pre-measured popcorn packs. Each pack will make approximately 6—8 servings.

  • Separate premix pouches by cutting along perforation.
  • Cut open oil pouch and squeeze into kettle.
  • Immediately after oil melts cut corn pouch open and add 3 kernels to the oil .
  • When those 3 kernels pop, add the remaining
  • kernels and salt into the kettle.
  • Close Kettle Lid.
  • Empty kettle immediately after popping stops.

Repeat above steps until you have the desired amount of popcorn.

Switch on Warming Lamp to keep popped corn fresh and hot.

IMPORTANT: Turn kettle heat and motor off when not popping corn!

Running the kettle heater and motor when empty can cause burning, smoking, and damage.

 To clean: Remove any excess popcorn from machine. Always unplug machine before attempting to clean. Wipe with warm soapy water, if necessary. Please DO NOT attempt to clean/remove the kettle assembly. We will completely clean the unit when it is returned.




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