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The pig spit comes with grill base, rotisserie arm, and motor; everything you need to get your pig roast started!

General Information

Designed for use with up to 125 lbs load.


  • Charcoal Grill base
  • Rotisserie Support Frame
  • Stainless Steel Rotisserie Arm Assembly consisting of:
    • Spit
    • Support Bar
    • 2 Pronged Skewers
    • Support Bar Clamp (dogbone)
  • Rotisserie Motor w/chain

Charcoal Grill base comes with locking wheels to easily move your grill into position and keep it there safely. Please review directions tab for apporiate safety precautions.

Approximate Dimensions:

W: 60" (78" with motor and Spit) x D: 24" D x H: 36" - 60" 


This Item is availble for both pickup and delivery; delivery charges will apply.  This is a large item, please ensure an appropriately sized vehicle.

Rental Information

Please Note:

Charcoal is not included.

Pickup must be arranged with enough time to allow for the grill to cool down.

Grill MUST be returned emptied.  Any remaining charcoal must be removed prior to the arrival of delivery drivers or return to the store.

Grills should never be left unattended while hot.

Please note: Our drivers are not equiped to empty your grill. Should grills have any remaining charcoal in them upon our drivers arrival, our personnel will be forced to empty them where they are located.  This can make for a mess that is diffuicult to clean up.  Please, make sure you empty the grill after it cools and prior to our arrival.




WARNING | Read all Instructions before operating

  • This item should ONLY be operated by an adult.
  • Hot Surfaces | Use Caution when near grill | risk of burning
    • The entirety of this item will get extremely hot while in use.  Do NOT touch metal areas while grill is hot.
    • Keep children and pets away.
    • Use extreme caution whenever adding or adjusting fuel or food.
  • NEVER operate indoors
  • Keep away from combustable items, such as overhead structures or tall grasses.
  • Keep a fire extiguisher within reach.
  • Do NOT attempt to move gril when hot.
  • Handle food safely.  Please refere to CDC website for safe handeling procedures.

Directions for Use

  • Place grill in an outdoor, clear, level, area; ensureing a safe distance between grill and any combustible items, such as low hanging tree branches or high grasses
  • Lock wheels into place.

When ready For Use

RECOMMENDED: Line charcoal grill basin with heavy duty aluminum foil to improve heat reflection and aid in cleanup.

  • Add Charcoal, avoiding self igniting charcoal.
    • We recommend starting with approximately 30 lbs. of charcoal.
    • Place charcoal in 2-3 even piles.
    • light Charcoal in accordance with manufactures directions.
  • Once coals are ready, use a tool to align coals along both 5' sides of grill basin. DO NOT TOUCH COALS WITH YOUR BARE HAND.
  • Do NOT place coals directly under spit
  • TIP: Add a layer of sand directly under the spit (in between charcoal edges) to catch excess drippings and aid in clean up.
  • Place Rotisserie Support frame on top of Charcoal Grill base WITHOUT rotisserie arm.

Prepare the Rotisserie Arm Assembly

  • Place one support bar clamp (shaped like a dog bone) on the spit and slide the clamp all the way to the end of the bar.
  • Place a skewer with prongs facing inward on spit and slide down to clamp.
  • Insert the point end of the spit through the center of the length of meat. Before proceeding, make sure the meat is balanced on the spit. DO NOT LOAD MORE THAN 125 lbs. ON THE SPIT.
  • When meat is balanced, place the 2nd skewer on the spit and secure into meat, followed by 2nd support bar clamp.
  • Install support bar through support bar clamps and tighten.
  • Move support bar, clamps, and skewers as needed on the spit to center meat between the rotisserie height adjustment posts.
  • Tighten all of the thumb screws on the stainless steel hardware. As the meat cooks, shrinkage occurs so the skewers and support bar clamps may need to be adjusted to hold the meat firmly.
  • When charcoal is ready, place the rotisserie spit with the meat centered on the frame with the pointed end in the point protector end mount and the other end with the sprocket in the motor end mount.
  • TIP: Use WD-40 to lubricate the 2 spots where the point end joins the point end mount and where the other end meets the motor end mount.
  • Loosen the aluminum knob (locking washer must be in place) on the adjustable motor mount so the chain slips over both of the drive sockets. Adjust the slide action so that the chain is taut.
  • Plug in the motor using a UL approved, type 3, outdoor extension cord and approved outdoor electrical outlet.
  • Turn the motor on 
  • Add 10-15 lbs. of charcoal each hour while the grill is in use to maintain temperature
  • When meat is cooked,  carve the meat directly from the spit, or remove the meat from the spit and take it to a carving table.

When grillng is complete

  • Turn Off Motor and Unplug from electrical outlet.
  • Allow Coals to cool.
  • Clean stainless steel components with a solution of hot soapy water and dry completely.
  • After the coals are cold, crumble the aluminum foil with ash inside and dispose of it in an approved manner.
  • Should time not permit for charcoal to cool completely you can spray Hot coals with water from a garden hose, please note however, doing this can be messy and create more cleanup time.


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