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Oh Yeah! It's Party Time!  Our frozen drink machine is perfect for your summer events, make slushies for the kids or add a little something for the adults.  Each Machine comes with 1 drink mix in your choice of Margarita, Pina Colada, or Stawberry Daiquiri.

General Information

Our drink machine is delivered on a rolling utility cart and comes with the machine, an extension cord, a mixing jug, one drink mix in your choice of flavors (subject to availabilty), and a tarp (in case of rain).  

The utility cart is just that a utility cart, to dress this item up, you may rent a white skirt for an additional charge of $10.

Due to limited quantities and extreme popularity of this item (especially in the summer months), advanced reservations are required.  A non-refundable deposit of $50.00 will be required to reserve this item for your event.

Average Approximate Dimensions:


12''w x 29''d x 28''h

Machine on Cart:

18"w x 39"d x 59"h

You may need to purchase additional supplies such as extra drink mixes in order to complete your event.

Additional Info:

  • One drink mix is included with your rental.  Additional mixes are available for purchase.
  • The machines should be returned emptied and free of any unused or excess liquid. Do NOT attempt to clean machines, simply empty any remnants from the basin.  We will proffesionally clean these items upon their return.


This item is NOT eligible for pickup. Delivery must be arranged. Delivery fees will apply. Please request a quote or call the reservations desk @ 844-789-5493 for more information or to check availability for your date.  






Slush Base | Drink Mix






Proper Operation:


Machine must be placed on a sturdy level surface, please do not remove the machine from the utility cart, simply roll the cart to a level area.  

Plug in unit.  NOTE: This unit requires a dedicated GROUNDED outlet as it draws a significant amount of power.  Use the provided extension cord to ensure the unit is properly grounded.

IMPORTANT: Ensure front screws are tight prior to filling the machine! If you find the screws to be loose, hand tighten them, before you pour any liquid into the machine.

Mixing your drink: Pour 1 full gallon of liquid concentrate into provided mixing jug. If desired, add 1-3 litres of liquor before adding water.  Add water to jug LAST, filling to premark fill line on the mixing jug.  Mix thouroughly.

Directions for use:

DO NOT RUN MACHINE in FREEZE mode (indicated by the Snowflakes) without slush mix in the machine.  

  • Prior to engaging freeze mode; remove lid from top hopper and pour liquid from mixing jug into the hopper.  Allow liquid to drain into cylinder and replace the lid.
  • Turn Machine on by toggleing both switches on the front panel to the right. (the 'snowflake' position).
  • When both switches are towrd the snowflake, you should hear the condensor turn on and the mixen blades will begin to spin.

Freezing Time: The amount of time it takes for your mix to freeze will vary based on many factors, including but not limited to the ambient temperature, type or amount of alcohol.

Average freezing time: Freezing times average anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.  Pre-cooled mixes will freeze faster, while recipes with alcohol, or high sugar content will take longer.

The machine should not be utilized in temperatures over 95 degrees farenheit.  When ambient temperature gets too high machine may overheat.  Place machine in a shaded or climate controlled area to regulate temperature.

Indicator Light: Should the indicator light on the front of the machine turn red, your liquid is gettting low.  Time to refill or shut down.  If the red light indicator is on, you MUST either refill the machine with premixed liquid or shut it down.  Running the machine with the low liquid indicator light on will result in air entering the cylinder.  Should Air enter the cylinder a gentle rocking motion may occur in the machine, which can cause damage.  Should this occur and the mix has not yet frozen, simply turn the machine off for approximately one minute, add premix, and restart.

Do NOT add additional water to the machine.  This will cause overfreezing wich can damage the machine.

Do NOT pour concentrate directly into the machine.

Liquid MUST be premixed prior to pouring into the hopper.

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