Floating Candle Holder Sets

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Add just the right amount of elegance and grace to your tables.  These amazing candle sets are simply beautiful displays that are sure to delight your guests from the moment they step into your venue.

By mixing a variety of styles and sizes we are able to create a unique experience and picturesque look for you special day.

Approximate Dimensions


Please Note: These require actual candles to achieve the appropriate effect.  They are not included in the rental price and are sold separately.  Though not required we do recommend utilizing our candles as we can then ensure appropriate sizing. 


Please Note:  Pick-up is available on this Item.  Should you opt for delivery please note, delivery fees will vary based on distance, location, and other items being delivered.  Please, contact us with any questions.

Additional Information

When utilizing real flame candles it is important to ensure that your venue does not limit or prohibit their use.  Never leave a candle unattended.