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Perfect for events of all kinds and commercial applications alike, this coffee urn will brew and warm up to 55 cups of coffee.


No paper filter is required. Coffee Urns must be returned empty and rinsed out. We will clean and sanitize upon return.

Please make sure you review the approximate brewing times listed below to ensure your coffee is ready on time.


Please note: Our inventory consists of several makes and models of this item, and slight variation in dimensions and appeance can occur, though all function the same.

14" x 18" High


Place coffee urn on a steady, flat surface. Pot gets extremely hot!

Each coffee urn should be on it’s own power source or it may not percolate or heat properly!

  • Be sure spigot is closed before filling to desired markings on side of pot with COLD water.
  • Wet the basket and add coffee grounds according to the chart below.
  • Place the filter onto the tube that pumps the coffee and ensure that the bottom of the tube is resting in the urn’s center well (if pump doesn’t seem to be working, adjust tube position in well).
  • Place the cover onto the urn ensuring that it is securely in place.
  • Plug in the urn AFTER you have filled with water and replaced the cover. Allow the coffee to brew.
  • The urn will stop percolating and an indicator light will come on when the coffee is done brewing. The urn then automatically switches to a setting that keeps the coffee hot.
  • Keep the urn plugged in to keep the coffee hot, but unplug when there is only two cups left to keep the thermostat from burning out.
  • Let the urn cool off before washing it.

Recommended Coffee & Brewing Times

Serving Size
Amount of Coffee Grounds
Brewing Time
100 Cups
1.5 Pounds
50-60 Minutes
60 Cups
1 Pound
30-40 Minutes
55 Cups
14 oz
30-40 Minutes
30 Cups
8 oz
20-30 Minutes

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