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Our 2' x 5' Charcoal Grill has an ample amount of cooking surface making it a perfect choice for back yard barbecues and catered events alike.

General Information

This grill is ideally suited for larger gathering due it's large cooking area.  You can cook literally dozens of burgers or dogs at the same time!

Grill Stand comes with locking wheels to easily move your grill into position and keep it there safely. Please review directions tab for apporiate safety precautions.

Approximate Dimensions:

60" W x 32" D x 36" H


This Item is availble for both pickup and delivery; delivery charges will apply.  This is a large item, please ensure an appropriately sized vehicle.

Rental Information

Please Note:

Charcoal is not included.

Pickup must be arranged with enough time to allow for the grill to cool down.

Grill MUST be returned emtied.  Any remaining charcoal must be removed prior to the arrival of delivery drivers or return to the store.

Grills should never be left unattended while hot.

Please note: Our drivers are not equiped to empty your grill. Should grills haver any remaining charcoal in them upon our drivers arrival, our personnel will be forced to empty them where they are located.  This can make for a mess that is diffuicult to clean up.  Please, make sure you empty the grill after it cools and prior to our arrival.




WARNING | Read all Instructions before operating

  • This item should ONLY be operated by an adult.
  • Hot Surfaces | Use Caution when near grill | risk of burning
    • The entirety of this item will get extremely hot while in use.  Do NOT touch metal areas while grill is hot.
    • Keep children and pets away.
    • Use extreme caution whenever adding or adjusting fuel or food.
  • NEVER operate indoors
  • Keep away from combustable items, such as overhead structures or tall grasses.
  • Keep a fire extiguisher within reach.
  • Do NOT attempt to move gril when hot.
  • Handle food safely.  Please refere to CDC website for safe handeling procedures.

Directions for Use

  • Place grill in an outdoor, clear, level area, ensureing a safe distance between grill and any combustible items, such as low hanging tree branches or high grasses
  • Lock wheels into place.

When ready For Use

  • Add Charcoal
  • Light charcoal in accordance with directions from your choosen brand of charcoal.
  • Wait for grill to warm approximately 10-15 minutes prior to cooking.

When grillng is complete

  • Allow flames to die out and charcoal to cool.  
  • Should time not permit for charcoal to cool completely you can spray Hot coals with water from a garden hose, please note however, doing this can be messy and create more cleanup time.


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