Rental Policy

Rental Rates Policy

Published Rental Rates. All of our published rental rates are for one day unless otherwise noted. Weekly Rentals are available at two times the daily rental rate and must be scheduled in advance. Longer terms may be available, however, rates for longer terms are subject to availability of merchandise, time of year, and other factors, please request a quote for accurate pricing and availability.

Price Adjustments. We reserve the right to change or adjust our pricing without notice.  Price adjustments will not affect existing reservations or contracts. Notwithstanding the previous statements, quotes are only valid from 30 days of issuance, quotes not converted into reservations via deposit may be subject to price adjustments after the 30 day window.

Fees. Additional fees may apply to your rental. Different fees are applied to different merchandise and may be affected by time of year, availability of merchandise, type of merchandise, and other factors. Below is a list of common fees. Please request a quote to ensure you are aware of any and all fees which may affect your final rental price.


Delivery. We do charge a fee for delivery. This fee is in addition to your rental charges and is for delivery of merchandise on our trucks made by our courteous and professional delivery personnel. This fee will vary based on delivery location. Most merchandise is available for pickup at one of our locations, however in some instances, pickup is NOT offered, and delivery must be arranged. You will still be responsible for paying a delivery charge even if pickup is not available for your item.

Winter Set Fees. Winter set fees apply to Tents only. This fee is applied between November 15th and March 15th. This fee is applied due to the inherent difficulties associated with tent installation during cold weather months and is intended to cover the additional costs associated with longer than average setup times and additional equipment that may be necessary in order to properly secure tents.

Custom Tent Set Fees. Custom set fees apply only to tents. Our standard tent set includes staking tents in easily accessible open grassy areas. Additional fees apply when additional equipment or weights are required. When weights are required, a standard fee will be applied based on the size of the tent for the transportation and installation of concrete blocks. Additional fees may be applied at our discretion for tent installations which require specialized equipment to install, or for installations that utilize eyebolts, are on the beach, or are in difficult to access areas.

Labor Fees. In certain cases, an additional fee will be charged for labor. The most common labor charges are listed below.

-Sidewall Installation. We provide sidewalls for our tents on request at no additional charge, however it is the client’s responsibility to install them. Should you wish to have our employees install sidewalls on your tent, there will be an additional labor charge of $1.50/linear foot.

-Set-up Charges. Our delivery service is for drop off only. In the event a client wishes to have their tables and chairs set-up, an additional labor fee will be charged. The current fees for set-up services are as follows:
$1 per metal chair
$2 per table
$2 per paddeed chair

Timed or Special Request Delivery Charge. We deliver merchandise at our convenience. Delivery is made anywhere from the day before to three days before your event and is scheduled the week of your event. We schedule utilizing the most efficient routes for our trucks and drivers. When a specialized time frame or specific day is required for a specific order, it can prevent us from scheduling the most efficient route, costing time, fuel, and other expenses. In these cases we are forced to charge an additional fee to offset those costs and ensure that the special request is made. This fee will vary based on the type of merchandise, location of delivery, and day of week.

Service Fees. Service fees are charged by our planning and design teams for their specific services, which may include planning, fabric draping, lighting, decorating, décor/linen set-up and break down, and\or day of coordination. These fees are custom quoted only, as each event will require a different level of service. These fees will be spelled out in advance via quote, once initial consultations are completed.

Next Day Rain Date Fee. When utilizing our delivery service, you may opt to include a “Next Day Rain Date Fee” on your order. This is a flat rate fee of $100.00 no matter the size of your order and in essence simply extends your rental 1 day passed your event, ensuring that our dispatch department does not schedule your pickup the day after your event. This MUST be booked in advance and is subject to availability of merchandise.  For Clarity: This option is typically not available upon delivery confirmation and should be booked at time of reservation.

Late Fees. Late fees are charged on rental items that are not returned on time or in accordance with the rental contract, this includes delivered items that are not ready for retrieval at the conclusion of the rental period or when our drivers come to retrieve. Late fees are charged at the daily rate for every day they are not returned.


Deposits. We require several different types of deposits dependent upon the merchandise being rented and/or the services being provided.

Non-Refundable Deposits. Certain rental items, including, but not limited to, tents, will require a non-refundable deposit. This deposit will be clearly spelled out on the product page of the item and will be applied to your balance. However, should you cancel for any reason, the amount of that deposit will NOT be refunded. Unfortunately, inventory is limited on certain items, and should we reserve an item for you, we will not be able to rent that item to someone

Breakage Deposits. Certain Items, including but not limited to tableware, are subject to breakage deposits. Breakage Deposits are in addition to your rental items, however, these deposits will be refunded upon return of the goods, provided they are returned in satisfactory condition.

Reservation Deposits. All orders require a minimum deposit, or in the case of existing credit customers a valid purchase order, in order to reserve the merchandise.  The typical deposit is 25% of the order total.   

Discounts. Discounts may be available for certain items, bulk order or corporate and organizational clients. 

Military & First Responder. We offer a 5% discount on all rental items for all military and first responders. Proof of service, i.e. a military ID, may be requested.

Corporate/Organizational discounts. We may opt to offer, at our discretion, our corporate and charitable organizational partners a discount. This discount will be based on frequency of order and volume. These discounts will only be offered after a minimum of two orders and are only offered at our discretion.

Package Pricing. From time to time we may, at our discretion, offer package pricing for certain merchandise. These packages will be for specific items and be offered at specific prices.  We will not allow adjustments to package pricing, should a package not work for your specific needs, items are available on an al la carte basis.

All deposits are due at time of reservation. We apologize but we cannot hold merchandise without a deposit. Balances are due upon delivery confirmation or at time of pickup. Customers requesting COD must be present for their delivery. Our drivers do not carry change and as such final payment must be in the form of exact change or check.

Returned Check Fee. There will be a $35 charge for all returned checks.
Credit Card Payments. There is a $25 minimum for all credit card charges.