Balloon Garland Kit | Metallic Accents

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Balloon Garlands are a terrific way to accent your events, whether you are hosting a baby shower, bridal shower, anniversary, birthday, wedding or corporate affair, these kits can help you achieve the style you are going for while maintaining the festive atmosphere you desire.

This balloon Garland comes with white, clear and your choice of accent color balloon: silver, gold or rose gold.


Each Kit includes balloon strip and glue dots for easy assembly, balloon string to hang or attach your garland and an appropriate quantity of latex balloons dependent upon the size of garland you wish to create.

3' Garland includes: 15 12" balloons
6' Garland Includes: 30 12" balloons
12' Garland includes: 60 12" and 2 24" balloons


latex balloons, balloon string, plastic strip

Customization Is Welcome

If you wish to customize your colors. please send us a message.

Additional Information

Live greenery in photos not included | Welcome signs sold separately.

Air pumps are the easiest way to fill these balloons. If you do not have one and need help locating one please contact us.
Balloons represent a Choking Hazard and should be kept out of reach of small children.  Product Contains Natural Latex which may cause an Allergic reaction in those who a predisposed to Latex Allergies.