Balloon Decor

Balloon Decor

Balloons can be used in so many inventive ways to  create amazing decor that is both fun and festive.

Consider using them for garlands or arch ways or even centerpieces.  Long gone are your days of just tying a balloon to the back of a chair to make an event festive, and helium is truly no longer necessary.  Take a look at some of the clever ideas we've executed, and even learn how to assemble out very own DIY Kits BElow.

Stylized Events Balloon Garland Kits

Perfect for your home or venue.

Our Balloon Kits have been designed using the most popular and trending colors.  The DIY nature allows you to express your creativity, while making sure these fit into the spaces you want to add that little something extra.


Color Trends

We stay on top of the most popular trends in design of all types and make sure we have the most popular colors.



Want some specific colors or sizes?  We Can accommodate! Different Colors.  Different Sizes.  Just Ask.



These kits have everything you'll need to make a beautiful garland, the only piece missing is your creativity.

Our Kits

DIY Kits ship FREE - Nation Wide!

Balloon Garland Kit | Mettalic Accents

Available in three Sizes, 3 feet, 6 feet, and 12 feet, these kits feature clear and white balloons accented with your choice of metallic balloon: Silver, Gold, or Rose Gold.

Balloon Garland Kit | Festive Colors

Again available in three standard sizes, the Festive Colors pack mixes bright colors together creating a fun and exciting backdrop.  Featuring Pinks, Purples and Teals, this kit will make for one entertaining party!

Balloon Garland Kit | Blue & Silver

Available in three Standard sizes, this Balloon Garland Kit features the on trend color combination of blue and silver. Plus, these include confetti balloons for that added touch of whimsy.

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Your garland kit from Stylized Events will have all the required materials you need to create the perfect garland or arch for your event, including balloons, balloon garland strip, glue dots, and curling ribbon.

NOTE: You will need a pair of scissors to trim your ribbon and balloon strip.


Though not necessary, we do recommend that you utilize a balloon pump to fill your balloons.  Especially when doing larger pieces, it will not only save you time and BREATH!  They can be found on Amazon for under $20.


Should you choose to embellish even more with your garland, you may want to consider getting some flowers or greenery to accent the piece.  This can not only help to coordinate with other elements at your event, but will also add texture.  Plus, live floral accents will add a natural feel and can help warm the piece up.

When adding flowers, you may find it easiest to use a low temperature hot glue gun to hold the floral accents in place.  Glue dots should serve as a good alternative if you do not have access to a hot glue gun or are not familiar with its use.

Step 1

Inflate SOME Balloons

Inflate some, not all, of your Balloons.  A mix of all the colors is recommended to aid in the development of your pattern.

We do suggest alternating colors, however, we believe firmly that there should be a bit of randomness to the design.  For that reason, we suggest that you do not stick to a pattern, just try to avoid clumping the exact same balloon colors together.

TIP: Vary the amount of air you fill the balloons with, this will create variety in your design not only through size, but coloring as well.

Step 2

String your first balloons

Skipping the first hole on your Balloon strip (this will be used to hang the garland when you are done), slip the knot of your balloon through the large hole.  Then slide the knot down to the smaller hole.  This will secure your balloon to the strip.


Step 1

Align your balloon with the correct hole.


Step 2

Slide knot through larger hole.


Step 3

Secure balloon by sliding to the smaller hole.

Repeat the process

Keep adding balloons to your garland in the same manner.  Alternating sides of the strip is optional.  This tends to create a fuller look, but can be problematic if you are attempting to hang against a flat surface, such as a wall. 

NOTE: If you are creating an arch you should alternate sides of the strip.

TIP: Keeping a few balloons in reserve will allow you to fill in later after you hang your garland

Remember: You can go back and adjust your balloons later if needed:  Simply slide the balloon knot from the smaller hole to the larger hole and carefully remove the balloon.

Trim Excess Balloon Strip

Once you have reached your desired length, trim any excess balloon strip, leaving at least one unused hole at the end.

REMEMBER: Leave an empty whole at both ends for hanging.

Step 3

Hang your Garland

Secure your garland in place.  We recommend using a back drop stand should you have access to one.  Alternatively, if you are attaching to a wall, consider using command strips with hooks.

Simply use the curling ribbon provided to tie each end of the garland in place.  You will find the the unused holes in the balloon strip a convenient place to tie your ribbon.

TIP: If opting to use command strips, the unused holes at either end of the garland should fit right over the command strip hook, eliminating the need to tie ribbon on the ends.

Step 4


Now that your garland is in place, it's time to make sure that it's everything you imagined it would be.  Move balloons around, use any balloons held in reserve to fill in gaps.  

Remember, you do not have to fill every balloon to maximum capacity.  Use under-inflated balloons to fill in gaps.


When you have a balloon right where you want it, secure it using the provided glue dots.

NOTE: We do NOT suggest attempting to remove glue dots from your balloons once they are in place, this may cause your balloon to pop.

Step 5 - Optional


After you have all your balloons in place, you can go back and add additional details, such as flowers or greenery.

NOTE: Use common sense when selecting accents for your balloon decor.  Flowers with thorns or other sharp objects are not recommended, neither are lights that create heat, or open flames.

Balloon Decorating

We can create a memorable accent for your event, no matter theme or occasion. Whether you want accents for your corporate event, birthday, sweet 16, anniversary, or wedding, we will be happy to create a custom solution for you. Home, office, or venue, we have done it all.

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