A Sign of the Times

For the last few years events of all types, but especially weddings, have been including more and more signage. Simple welcome signs, ornate signs for table assignments, and even just accent signs with favorite quotes of the bride and groom.  They can range from over the top to almost non existent, and it's the latter that seems to be the focus these days.

Signs have been rapidly adopted as a great way to personalize your event and can serve as a terrific way for organizers to add a bit of functionality.  So, lets's take a look at some designs that we've seen incorporated recently. 

This is one of the most popular ways of putting your own personal touch on your special day.  

A great way to literally spell out your love in lights. Make a statement that everyone will remember, with your initials, your wedding date or even a phrase.  "Love" is a phrase that comes to mind, but  "Bar" seems to be just as popular!  

Acrylic Details are now all the rage for minimalist and modern weddings alike.  Simple wedding welcome signs like the one shown here are a great way for you to set the stage for an amazing event.

Paired here with the classic styling of the laurel wreath, you get an amazingly perfect combination of classic and contemporary, which allows for versatility in style and design.

Rustic Weddings are really trending these days.  With vintage styling, farmhouse touches, and pallet wood accents, there's simply so much to love and admire.  

But wood accents aren't just limited to rustic styling.  Bringing natural elements into the clean and modern design space can add just the right amount warmth when done properly.

We created the sign shown here for a winter themed sweet sixteen, which turned out absolutely beautiful with just some light touches of natural elements.

Yake a look at our pallet works collection to get some ideas.

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