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These pieces are designed to be free standing accents that are perfect to fit into smaller areas of your events, and help convey the overall feel, emotion, and style to your guests. 

Two Together FOREVER as One

We are often looking for unique and creative ways to express the emotion of an event, such as a wedding, in small areas. Using pictures and flowers are often times the go to, but we believe the details really do matter, so many times we add a sign with a phrase or quote to add that extra personal touch to those displays.

After a recent event where we created some freestanding wood plaques to celebrate the joining of two families, we received a lot of positive response to one piece in particular.

So we thought we'd share that piece with the world! This is the first of what will likely be many smaller accent pieces to help you complete the look of your events.

We've created this piece in four popular finish options, but you know we don't shy away from a challenge, so custom orders are absolutely welcome. 


White & Black

Walnut & White

Black & Gold

Gray & White

Made from select hardwoods, these pieces feature a vinyl applique which is sealed for protection.

They are handmade at our home workshop in Barnegat, NJ.  Each piece of wood will be different, so variations can be expected.  Knots, wood grain and other naturally occurring elements will affect the way the wood accepts the stain or paint which gives each piece its own unique and natural beauty.

"This piece was great! Solid and Super CUTE! LOVED IT!"


Not Just for Events

These aren't one time use pieces.  They make terrific decorative pieces in your home as well.  Perfect on a bookshelf, end table. or mantle, they will always be a reflection of the beauty of the love that two people share.

You can even add a simple saw tooth hanger on the back and hang this on a wall.  Its extremely versatile and will last for years to come.

How will you use yours?

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