Weekend Wrap Up - Oct. 29th.

We're more than just weddings

What do you get when when you combine Stylized Events with more than 2000 balloons?  Well, you get an amazing setting for your corporate celebration of a 50th Anniversary!

So, maybe this wasn't a weekend event, but that doesn't change the fact that we had the privilege of creating some balloon centerpieces, a giant balloon garland, and an arch.  Plus we got to unveil the newest addition to our rental catalog!

What can we do with balloons?

Boy, are we glad you asked!


Sure Can! We did these with 5" Balloons in silver, black and red, to compliment the events theme.

Balloon Arch?

Of Course!  How about this one utilizing a mix of 5", 12", and 24" balloons.  Wrapped around our 50 Marquee... more on that later.

Balloon Garland?

Absolutely! How about this one that ran more than thirty feet across the front of the stage.

But our favorite...

Marquee Numbers | 50

We were able to break out the newest addition to out rental catalog.  This fantastic "50".  

Standing at THREE FEET tall, this will make a statement at a lot of parties in the future.

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Special thanks goes out to Kristi for her diligent efforts once again! Additional thanks to Jennifer at the Briad Group for trusting us with your event and to the Team @ Sugarhouse Casino Events Center.

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