Weekend Wrap Up - July 26th


Dan & Kristen

July 24th, 2020

What do you do when a world wide pandemic causes you to change your wedding plans over and over again and all you really want to do is get married? Well, you have the wedding in the groom's parents' back yard, of course.

And when you still want that magical atmosphere that you've always dreamed of, well, then you call Stylized Events!

Take a look at some pictures of this amazing backyard wedding below.  

This one was a crazy amount of work with the whole team chipping in at one point or another, as we battled excessive heat and thunderstorms over two days!  The end result though was absolutely worth all the effort.  Special thanks go out to Kristi Garton for your (always) amazing design assistance, to Desiree Dean for the amazing floral artistry, to Kim & Kellie for your hard work and professionalism while dealing with heat & humidity (all while wearing masks), to the entire crew from Richard's Rentals for your patience as we redesigned the tent requirements last minute to account for the rain, and of course to Fred & Anna for being such gracious hosts.

The Ceremony Tent

A last minute addition as a result of rain, the ceremony tent, came out beautiful! Featuring layers of swagged fabric across the top camouflaging the canvas tent top and organza wrapped poles to soften the unsightly metal.  The aisle was flanked by our large white urns filled with beautiful floral arrangements.  Our white columns accented the space adorned with white lanterns, and the white padded chairs were capped on the aisle by flowing fabric sashes.  No detail was missed on this one. 

The pièce de résistance of this ceremony though was the garden arch backdrop . . . absolutely stunning.

More pictures are coming, so make sure you check back often as we will be updating this post as the images come in.

The Dinner Tent

The reception area was hidden from prying eyes during the ceremony by panels of fabric which, once cocktail hour was  completed, were pulled back to reveal the fairy tail magic that was hidden with in.

This tent was draped in fabric from top to bottom to soften the harshness of industrial metal poles and canvas.  Anchored by one of our beautiful crystal chandeliers and accented with string lights.

Beautiful florals served as the perfect centerpieces along the tables, and our rustic wood doors worked as an amazing backdrop to the sweet heart table.


The Transformation

See the transformation of this wonderfully landscaped backyard into a fairy tale wedding.

Blank_Canvas1.png Before
Painted_Canvas.png After

The After Party

While dinner was being served, our team turned the ceremony tent into a wonderful covered area for the after party, just in case of rain, featuring a couple of high tops and of course outdoor lighting with Edison style bulbs, and our standing floral urns from the ceremony.

More Details

Just a few more pictures of some the fantastic details from this wedding.  As we gather more pictures, we will, of course update these!

Behind the Scenes

We don't often have images of the setup in progress, mostly because, we are a bit preoccupied with doing the set-up, but our gracious host, Anna, was supper accommodating and took a few along the way, so we thought we would go a head and share them.

So, to wrap up, here a few of the in progress images.

Here's a glimpse of the ceremony tent as it was being set up.  Slide the arrow to the right to see how it looked for the after party!

ImageCompare1.png Before
ImageCompare2.png After

Here are a couple of picture of the team during the draping process.

And So the Fabric Draping begins!
The Swag going up!
A view of the reception tent from the ceremony area before the design team got their hands on it.


  • Anna Lardaro

    Words can never fully express the gratitude we feel for you, alongside the creative team from Stylized Events, who transformed our backyard into an elegant, enchanting garden wedding venue on July 24, 2020 the day our children, Kristen and Dan picked to start their “forever” no matter what! The pictures capture the beauty and magnificence of the reception tent glowing under the light reflecting off the crystals of the chandelier radiating and drawing the eye to the simple greens and artistically placed flowers adoring the sweetheart table and the gently flowing centerpieces weaving down each guest table , complete with twinkling luminaries and lavender and white budding blooms dotting throughout it. The chapel tent was dreamlike, with billowing cloud-like fabric draped above , sprays of lavender and flowers placed in gleaming white urns , garden chairs arranged in carefully placed rows adorned with delicate flowing ribbons on each aisle seat, and the sheerest white fabric pulled back to frame Kristen as she emerged from French doors on her father’s arm and gracefully make her way to Dan, waiting under the garden arch adorned with flowers and entwined with greens, was absolutely breathtaking! You and your team worked non-stop from the morning of July 23 rd, through the entire ceremony and long into the night with smiles, creative confidence, quite prayers, attention to every detail and a calmness which made us forget the challenging weather and world events around us and focus solely on the two people that truly mattered, enjoying every minute with Kristen and Dan as they danced the night away under the soft glow of lights illuminating the pool side dance floor. Thank you for creating the wedding they dreamed of on the date they wanted and planned for !
    With heartfelt gratitude,
    Anna and Fred
    … and they lived happily ever after…

  • Mary Horowitz

    Amazing details making a Magical Venue for a Beautiful Wedding.

  • Francine Barndt

    A beautiful gift for a beautiful family You Rock

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