January Round Up - 2020

There was a ton going on behind the scenes in January as we are preparing for the upcoming year!

Big things are on the horizon, but it's all very hush hush right now!

One thing we did do... we organized our assembly area, what is more commonly referred to as Rebecca's craft room. Take a peak at her new floral display wall. Simple shelves with hammered tin flower buckets and wood crates hung from the ceiling by chain. Though quite decorative it is extremely functional and allows her to easily pick in stock florals to create the designs for her events.

Now, while we won''t be sharing any in depth looks at events, we can't let a whole month go without at least sharing something Stylized with you! We absolutely have a few items that can give you some inspiration for your future events!

Balloon Decor

We had the opportunity to brighten a young girls Birthday, by decorating her home with some extremely festive balloon decor.

This young lady's mom wanted to surprise her daughter, so when her daughter left the house for the day, we came over and setup a bunch of balloon garlands!

We are certain she had a very Happy 10th Birthday! and we  hope she loved those super festive balloons!


Rebecca's Cakes

And a month simply can't go by without us sharing some of the amazing cakes that Rebecca has made.

This month included a very special cake for our very own, Michael!  Who constantly see these amazing cakes, but never seems to get one for himself?!

So... It took his 40th Birthday to get the cake he's always wanted.  Check out the Hary Potter Cake Below!

We also updated the cake gallery, take a peak to get some inspiration for your next Stylized Cake.

The Harry Potter Cake

The top tier features the Deathly Hallows symbol, a wand and the scene from the movie where Harry receives his Hogwarts acceptance letter. 2nd tier represents Hogwarts Castle with the sorting hat and golden snitch. Bottom tier is Kings Crossing Station Platform 9 3/4 the entrance to the Hogwarts Express!

Just a "couple" of other creations!

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