Delivery & Pickup Policy


We make and schedule deliveries at our convenience, one to three days prior to your event. Pickups are also scheduled at our convenience 1 to 2 days after your event. There is a fee for our delivery service. The fee is based on delivery location.


Scheduling. Our weekly delivery schedule is finalized on Sunday and is routed based on many factors, including, but not limited to load size and weight, personnel, delivery locations, typical traffic patterns, and number of stops. Once we finalize the delivery schedule, we begin making confirmation calls to all customers.

AvailabilityWe understand that you may not be available for the day of your delivery, and as such we do not require you to be home for your delivery. If you are not going to be present for your delivery, please ensure that you leave instructions for the placement of your items upon confirmation and that all balances are paid in full.

Delivery Time Frames. We understand that everyone has busy schedules, especially when setting up for an event, however, we are NOT able to provide delivery time frames (with the sole exception of customers opting for a “special Delivery” service – see below). Though we strive to maintain efficient operations, there are many factors that can affect our ability to stay on our given schedule. Weather, traffic, and most notably, unexpected obstacles or obstructions during setups/deliveries, all work to contribute to scheduling issues. Additionally, the final order of delivery for any given day is subject to change right up until the time our drivers leave our yard. In lieu of providing times or time frame windows, we can offer, upon request, that our drivers call once their route is
set, and let you know your stop number. For example, a driver may call the morning of your delivery and say something along the lines of, “you are our last stop for the day”, this will at least give you an idea that they will not be there in the morning hours.

Our standard delivery day starts at 8:00. Most days our trucks are on the road by 8:30 am. Deliveries are made until the Trucks are empty. During our peak season, we will, at times, be forced to run split shifts. In these cases our second shift will likely not leave the yard until after 1:00 pm. These trucks will also run until they are empty and all their deliveries are made. During peak season, deliveries have been known to run late into the evening hours. Should a driver determine that they will not be able to safely make a delivery before 8:00 pm you will be contacted, and arrangements will be made to deliver your merchandise at another time (likely the first thing the following morning).

Timed or special request deliveries. Though we would love to accommodate all requests for time frames and specific delivery dates or days, we simply do not have the staff or truck space to do so. If you require a specific time or day, you will be charged an additional fee to guarantee that request, this fee will allow us to work our schedules around your delivery, rearranging trucks and/or personnel from more efficient routes to meet your request. It is the customers responsibility to inform us of the time/date request and this MUST be done prior to us finalizing our delivery schedules. For clarity, once we begin making delivery confirmation calls it will NOT be possible for us to adjust scheduling to meet requests. Not withstanding the prior statements, should you have a preference for day or time of day, we will be happy to notate contracts to reflect the request, and will do what we can to meet them; however, it should be noted that requests are simply requests and are not guarantees. The only way to guarantee your request is to reserve the special delivery in advance and to pay the associated charge.

Confirmation calls. As part of our delivery process, we call every customer in advance of their deliveries in an effort to ensure that all of our deliveries go as smoothly as possible. We begin making our delivery calls once we finalize our weekly schedule on Sundays. Though we would love to say these calls are completed on Sunday, during our peak season or busier times, these calls sometimes run into Mondays. The purpose of these calls is to ensure that we have the most up to date and accurate information in regards to your event as possible.

Confirmation Call Expectations. During the confirmation call you can expect us to verify and confirm both billing and delivery addresses. We will review your order with you, including items and quantities and let you know what DAY we will be delivering. We will request and require day of delivery contact information, as well as any instructions that need to be relayed to the delivery and/or set up teams. i.e. “leave in back yard”, “place on patio”, etc. This will be your last opportunity to make changes to your order. Please understand, that if you make changes at this time, we cannot guarantee availability of merchandise. For example, should you have white linens on your reservation, but ask to change to blue linens upon confirmation, we may or may not have the size and quantity available as other customers may have already reserved them. Once all information has been confirmed and any adjustments to your order have been made, you will be asked to pay any remaining balance. We accept all major credit cards, however, should you wish to pay upon delivery, you may. Please note the following when arranging COD:

(1) you MUST be present for your delivery.

(2) Payment MUST be in in the form of EXACT change or check and

(3) payment must be made upon the arrival of the delivery personnel. Our drivers will NOT begin the delivery until final payment has been made and our drivers will NOT have change on them should you not have exact change. Additionally, there will be a $35 returned check fee for any and all checks returned from the bank.

Messages. Should we leave you a message or voicemail, it is imperative that you return our call, even if you think that everything is already confirmed. Failure to return a call may result in your delivery being pulled from the schedule. Calls may be returned to the reservations desk at 844-STYLIZE (844-789-5493) during normal business hours.


Most of our rental items are available for pickup at either our Bayville or Point Pleasant location. We are sorry, but we do not currently allow pickup at any other locations. Though both locations have most items on hand, it is strongly recommended that advanced reservations are placed to ensure availability for your required day. Certain merchandise, most notably tents, are NOT eligible for pickup and Delivery must be arranged. A delivery charge will be applied to all deliveries regardless of whether or not the items are eligible for pickup.

Payments. Any balances must be paid in full prior to pickup.

Process. All customers are required to check in with the reservations desk prior to entering the pickup area or ‘yard’ with a vehicle. Instructions will be provided upon check in. You will be asked to remit payment for any balances and will be asked to provide ID which corresponds to either the billing or delivery address.

Transfers. In the event that one location is sold out of a particular item, we do run weekly transfers between locations, in order to provide a larger selection. This transfer is typically completed on Wednesday to ensure merchandise is in the appropriate pickup location for weekend deliveries or pickups. We typically finalize our transfer on Sunday in conjunction with our delivery schedules for the week. What this means for you, as a customer, is that a minimum
of one weeks’ notice should be provided when reserving merchandise for pickup.

Timing. You may pickup your merchandise the day before your event and it will be due back the day after your event. Both pickup and return must be during our scheduled business hours. You are only charged for the day of your event and as such must pickup and return in accordance with our schedules, failure to return your merchandise on time will result in a full day’s rental rate being charged.

After hours return. We do NOT offer after hours return. You must return your rental during posted business hours. Merchandise left outside of normal operating hours will be charged the FULL REPLACEMENT VALUE.

Holidays. At times our normal business hours may be adjusted for holidays, which may result in shortened pickup/return hours or extended rental periods. When this occurs, you are still responsible for picking up and returning the rented merchandise during business hours. If you cannot meet the requirements, you must either pay for an extended rental, or forgo renting merchandise from us. For example, we may opt to close on the Friday following Thanksgiving, though you will be able to pick up your Thanksgiving order on Wednesday and you will only be paying for Thanksgiving as your rental day, your rental will NOT be due back until Saturday. If you know you will be unable to return on Saturday, you will need to pay to extend your rental until such a time as you can return. Please note, scheduling this in advance may help avoid costly late fees. A weekly rental is only two full days, where as late merchandise is charged per day.

Loading/Unloading. It is the customers responsibility to both load and unload the merchandise, as well as to properly secure it for transport. Note: our employees can only bring the merchandise to your vehicle, and are not permitted to place it inside your vehicle or tie it down for you. Customers are responsible for bringing appropriately sized vehicles for the merchandise they are picking up as well as help that is physically capable of moving and lifting the merchandise.
PLEASE NOTE: Our employees will not permit you to leave with improperly or unsecured merchandise. Not only is this an unnecessary risk to you and others on the road, but represents an unnecessary risk to the merchandise as well. No, it does not matter that you are “just going around the corner”, you may not tie our merchandise to the roof of your car.