Graduation Days

It's Graduation Time

This year graduations are going to be very different.  With a moratorium still in place on large gatherings, our graduates are being deprived the typical pomp and circumstance that marks these momentous occasions.  

So, with that in mind, we went ahead and applied our creative thinking skills, and came up with a pretty basic solution to add some festivity back into our graduates lives.

Balloon Towers

These adorable balloon creations stand on average about four feet tall and are wrapped around a half inch dowel, which can then be staked into the ground, allowing these balloons to be used outside.  

Just perfect to accent the drive by "parades" that are becoming all the rage today.

Each tower features 20 latex balloons in the graduate's school colors and topped with one of four mylar options (shown below).  All of our Balloons are air filled so no floating away for these guys!

Some chose to use the school that the graduate just completed, while others chose to utilize the colors for the school, college, or university that the graduate was going to. 

Mylar Options

This "Congrats Grad!" Balloon turned out to be the most popular and is available in a variety of colors.

This "Grad Cap" option turned out to be the second best selling, and rounds out many of the color combos very nicely.

Gold Stars are coming in third on the fastest selling list.

And rounding out the selection were these silver mylar stars.


Light Blue and Black

Popular in our local area due to our proximity to Stockton University.

Red and Black

For our own Brackman Bull Dogs!

Black and Orange

Our Home Town Colors!

These are only available in our local area for curbside pickup or delivery.  


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